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Moumita Dhar | Relationship Coach

Moumita Dhar

Relationship Coach

I’m an NLP Certified Relationship Coach. I work with my clients not just to resolve their issues but to transform and improve their relationships with themselves and others for the rest of their lives. My coaching technique aims at facilitating self-growth by helping you identify the core challenges and setbacks in your life and relationships. I specialize in identifying the unobvious and hidden issues and help you resolve them to create an amazing relationship.

I am also a software developer working full-time in IT while coaching professionally as a part-time job. I have been informally coaching people around me for quite a long time and have always been very passionate about it. I have witnessed the transformation coaching can bring in my own relationships and my life and I want to connect with more people to help them experience this for themselves.

My first coach and my first client were both I, myself...

My relationship with my parents and sister wasn’t great growing up, even if it looked great from the outside. As a result, I was lonely and I went into depression during my teenage years. I coached myself to come out of it. And I also have been able to finally improve my relationship with my family.

I have had my share of dates, relationships, break-ups, resentments, cheatings and trust issues. I have been since learning about human psychology to figure out how and why people fall out of love, grow distant, become lonely in a relationship, cheat, lose freedom/feel trapped, break up and/or are scared to even give it a try.

An amazing relationship leads to an amazing experience of life

My mission now is to help people develop and maintain healthy relationships with themselves and with their close ones, partners, families. Our experience of life is directly impacted by the quality of our relationships. I strongly suggest that if you are happy in your close relationships, you are much more capable of achieving anything and everything else that you have ever dreamed of.

If you want to build strong connections and experience for yourself how this transforms the experience of your entire life, book a discovery session with me today to find out the best way for us to work together to create this transformation. I would love to help you create amazing relationships for yourself.

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