But… What if it’s a mistake

Have you ever wanted to live differently than you live now or how you see other people living around you? I did. Almost always. But I am living exactly how everyone else is living around me. It seems normal. It seems right.

Trying something too different is scary. What if it’s a mistake! What if I lose time! What will I do if it doesn’t work out? How will my loved ones react to this?

Just now suddenly I realized that too many people are living in certain ways, proven successful, or already tried out ways of living. But nobody is born with a manual on how to operate or live. So why do we follow whatever someone has already done considering that to be a normal thing to do. Why don’t we define our own normal? Why does it matter what others do or think? They are living the usual way doesn’t mean they are doing it all right and/or are happy or fulfilled. Being a believer of “Man is the architect of his own fate”, I believe we can write our own stories. It’s your life and you won’t get another chance at it. You have to take all your chances in this life itself.

Maybe I want to do two part-time jobs instead of one full-time job because I want to, not because I have to. Maybe I want to learn diving and become a freelance, do whatever part-time job I can find even if menial for 6 months, then stay home doing nothing for a couple months, then use my diving skills for freelance at an amazing place (it would be like a BOGO offer – earning as well as enjoying a vacation) for another couple months, then practice some meditation or travel or practice some coaching or all of them for another couple months. And next year do something different from this, follow a completely different path, not plan anything at all, whatever I feel like. I know we need to earn money, but do we need to earn a huge amount really? Maybe a certain amount is good enough, anything more than that is extra, takes up a lot of energy and leaves us no time to spend or enjoy it.

Walking an offbeat path with the uncertainty of whether I will like the destination or whether I can return if I don’t like it, is an extremely difficult decision to make. It’s our instinct as a living being to stay safe and secured. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of rejection – all sorts of fear in the head crumbles any desire to even find that path. Maybe if I start drawing out the wildest outline that I can for my story on my own without considering what everyone else is doing, I might find that path. Maybe if I find that path, I might find the courage to take a step on it, might try to walk on it, might end up walking on it, and finally finding my own offbeat destination. Who knows!!

And I still might be asking myself “what if it’s a mistake”. I guess unless I try, I will never know which one is the mistake.

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Moumita Dhar

Moumita Dhar

NLP Certified Coach & Practitioner | Relationship Coach | Moumita helps people understand and resolve their issues and create amazing relationships and become the best version of themselves.
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Completely agree. Our time on this earth is limited, so we should not waste it, living a life defined by others.

That’s why I always follow my heart, and do things I feel I should do. For example last 2 times, I went for solo trips on Valentines Day and I absolutely loved it. Wherever I go people find it weird to believe. In fact this year, one person told me he has only seen this in “Queen” movie, where the heroine went alone in her honeymoon. But in real life, I am first person he met, who’s on a solo trip on Valentines Day. I told him that’s because I wanted to spend this day with the person whom I love most, and who will always be with me, and that’s me.

And it’s okay to do mistakes. I have done countless and will continue to do so. For example, missing flights 😂. These are my normals, and I am quite shamelessly unapologetic about it. I love the way I am.

Like Tyrion Lannister from GOT, I too believe that life is full of possibilities, and we should explore all of it till the time we are alive.


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