Relationship - The little things that matter


What love we’ve given, we’ll have forever. What love we fail to give, will be lost for all eternity.

Leo Buscaglia
Relationship - the little things that matter

Every relationship feels awesome in the beginning. Every relationship goes through painful moments at times. Every relationship is in some way a source of happiness or sadness in your life.

What is it that keeps it alive despite the series of ups and downs?

– The little things that matter.

When I was younger, I thought a relationship with no fights is the best one. But when a friend told me otherwise, I observed and realized, fights are important. With no fights at all, it would be so boring, just like one of those daily soaps that have no villains no complications just a happy family with normal conversations every single day.

I asked myself, does it mean that the ones with more fights are the better ones? Certainly not. So, how much is optimum? I decided to find the answer for myself. I read about men and women, observed all the relationships around me, analyzed each one of them with an open mind and I was surprised with the answer. Here’s what I found:

The best relationships are the ones where people take care of "the little things that matter" instead of taking them for granted.

The question remains – what are these little things? They seem to be very different in every relationship. But all of them are those little things that we tend to ignore or take for granted after a while. Well, let me list some of them that seemed pretty common.

    • Random dates with your partner
    • Letting your partner know when you miss him/her and that you care
    • Leaving a note (or a mini love letter) for your partner to find
    • The unexpected surprises
    • Taking out time for a walk together in the cold breeze
    • Eating from the same plate at times
    • Watching comedy movies or videos together
    • Watching the stars together in silence
    • Taking out time to talk about deep feelings/emotions to understand how your partner feels
    • Listening to what your partner has to say about anything and everything
    • Giving occasional pecks on the forehead of your partner
    • The little compliments whenever you get the chance ( Yes! Guys like it too. )
    • The “sorry”s and “thank you”s for the little things that happen every day and we start getting habituated to (or take for granted)

There are so many little things that matter. If we can take care of these little things, our relationship stays alive and we don’t lose the spark we initially felt.

Does it really work? Why don’t you give it a try and let me know in the comments section below?!

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Moumita Dhar

Moumita Dhar

NLP Certified Coach & Practitioner | Relationship Coach | Moumita helps people understand and resolve their issues and create amazing relationships and become the best version of themselves.
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So rightly put! For me two things are important.
1) it’s very important for us to be a cheerleader for each other. Celebrating small victories will reassure that you both have the same relationship goals. It is pleasant to hear someone acknowledge your effort to look nice. Acknowledging your partner’s accomplishment is a great way to show that you are supportive. It is easy to point out mistakes and be critical, but it is more important to be positive and cheer on the little things.
2) it’s very important to help each other out in household chores. Haha, it’s a bit funny but at the same time very impressive too. Every once in a while when I do the dishes, I find that he is appreciative, and when I open the dishwasher, and it is empty I am overjoyed. Little things like that will help you appreciate each other.

Ravi Kerur

Very simple things, But matter a lot. Nicely pointed Moumita.

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