What is Coaching?

What is Coaching | Moumita Dhar

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and a client that takes you on a wonderful journey. It is NOT therapy or counseling. A coach helps you overcome roadblocks and move forward to create an extraordinary future. It is not just about getting help when you are at a bad place in life. It is about improvement and transformation. No matter where one is, we all want to progress in every context of our lives. If any area of your life stands still with no progress, you are bound to feel stuck or suffocate at some point in some way. We feel alive only when we progress. And in order to progress, it’s very important to overcome all mental barriers and become free to move forward.

A life coach does for the rest of your life what a personal trainer does for your health and fitness.

– Elaine MacDonald

How does a Coach help?

      • A coach helps you uncover your blind spots that block your progress. 
      • A coach helps you realize your true potential
      • A coach helps you overcome your fears
      • A coach helps you declutter your mind and carve out the path to success
      • A coach helps you form the strategy to create an extraordinary life

A coaching session can get confronting, provoking, even emotional or vulnerable at times, however, that is exactly how you have breakthroughs. It is very important that you bring total honesty in each session.

What to expect in a coaching session?

These are a few important things you will have in coaching sessions.

Who needs Coaching?

You will benefit from coaching if you want to improve and progress in every area of your life, or if you can relate to any of these

      • I want to be happy and not just appear happy to the world
      • I want to excel in my life
      • I want to explore my highest potential
      • I want to be the best version of myself
Whether you want to reach your highest potential or you want to come out of your current state,  no amount of coaching can help you if you don’t want to take action.

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